Fiction Books


On a brisk fall morning while out for a jog, Renee blacks out and disappears without a trace. One millennium in the future, a team of scientists stare in horror at the bloodied corpse that materializes in their lab. Breaking the trance, an assistant darts forward to scan the body’s oxygen levels. “It’s alive!” she yells desperately. Stunned by their discovery, the team fights to keep her alive. Yet their fragile guest from the past begins to awaken genetic memories they had long forgotten, setting in motion an unstoppable chain of events.


Helena serves good coffee and bad food to a motley crew of thugs, cops, journalists and even the occasional politician down at The Daft on Main. Her life, as her electricity, is on the outs. But when a longtime customer clasps her wrist with a startling desperation and forces into her possession a silver candle, Helena tumbles down a rabbit hole of impossibilities and madness that leave the memories of wet rags, dirty tables and unpaid bills far behind.