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Helena serves good coffee and bad food to a motley crew of thugs, cops, journalists and even the occasional politician down at The Daft on Main. Her life, as her electricity, is on the outs. But when a longtime customer clasps her wrist with a startling desperation and forces into her a possession a silver candle, Helena tumbles down a rabbit hole of impossibilities and madness that leave the memories of wet rags, dirty tables and unpaid bills far behind.

Black River Redemption

When Lizzie’s plane touches down at a camp overrun with anti-American revolutionaries, she must use her brains and last scraps of courage to escape into the remote jungle. Her self-esteem in tatters from her last trip abroad, she fights to survive the night alone in the hinterland of Guyana. Stumbling across one of the country’s black rivers, she unexpectedly meets two Amerindians who guide her to safety. In their village, she encounters a crisis far worse than her own. Motivated to save one small child’s life, she and her new friends attempt an impossible journey to civilization.