Jessica Eise, PhD, is a researcher on climate change, food security, technology and communication. She seeks to understand how individuals, society and Earth interrelate and how we can leverage these connections to overcome difficult challenges such as climate change and food insecurity. She is passionate about improving human life for everyone through innovation and our better natures. 

Dr. Eise’s books include How to Feed the World and The Communication Scarcity in Agriculture. Her research has been cited in outlets such as VICEVoxScientific American and her articles have appeared in U.S. News & World ReportSalon and CNBC amongst others. She won a national essay award for her piece on artificial intelligence (AI) The Fatal Flaw. In addition to writing academic articles, Dr. Eise believes in open-source information and making knowledge accessible; she is active on social media – TwitterInstagramYouTubeand her blog. Dr. Eise has spoken at organizations and universities such as the Max Planck Institute in Germany, the AVEC General Assembly in Hungary, IESE in Spain and IICA in Costa Rica.

She is the founder of the project and collaborative social movement Clima y Café (Climate and Coffee), a climate change initiative that uses precision and grassroots outreach strategies to magnify Colombian coffee farmers’ experiences to raise awareness for and support climate change adaptation. Supported by a National Science Foundation (NSF) EAGER grant amongst others, Dr. Eise leads a team to produce and measure innovative outreach content encouraging action and support for climate change adaptation. This project includes Whatsapp videos, radio segments, a children’s book for rural schools, photography exhibit of female coffee farmers, a website, printed materials for local associations and a social media campaign built off a network of local collaborators and influencers. As a branch of this initiative, she was the executive director on the 2020 Desarraigo (Uprooted) multimedia empathy-building campaign, featured by multiple leading media outlets in Colombia such as El Espectador and Semana Sostenible

Dr. Eise is a postdoctoral researcher with the Purdue Climate Change Research Center and the Purdue Brian Lamb School of Communication. She has a PhD in communication from Purdue University and a master’s in journalism and international relations from New York University. She was awarded the Ross Fellowship in the Purdue Brian Lamb School of Communication, formerly served as the director of communications with the Purdue University Department of Agricultural Economics as well as a practitioner in media production and new media in Washington, DC, and abroad (primarily Latin America, Middle East and Europe).


As a social scientist and engaged scholar, Jessica blends qualitative methods with computational technologies to solve real-world problems. Her research largely focuses on climate change adaptation, food security, agriculture, wellbeing and technology.


Jessica is an author, award-winning essayist on AI and blogger. Her articles have appeared in CNBC, Salon and others. Her nonfiction books include How to Feed the World, The Communication Scarcity in Agriculture and other works.


Jessica is an international speaker on communication, agriculture, climate change and other topics related to her work. She has given invited speeches for organizations and universities in Germany, Hungary, Spain, the United States and others.


Partnering with organizations and universities, Jessica enjoys consulting as a subject matter expert (impacts of climate change on human life, agricultural communication, food security), storyteller, media and communication strategist and researcher.


Jessica instructs classes, trainings or short courses with universities and organizations around strategic communication and science communication in food security, agriculture, climate change, media, technology and artificial intelligence.


Delving into our collective subconscious, Jessica is an abstract artist with a flare for the irreverent. She also writes Indie fiction, with a focus on science fiction and fantastical adventures that can be both light-hearted or dark in turn.

Expertise & Interests

  • Climate Change
  • Food Security
  • Agriculture
  • Global Chronic Stressors
  • Technology Adoption
  • Technology Access
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Science Communication
  • Strategic Communication
  • Media
  • Social Systems
  • Wellness


  • Storytelling
  • Field Research
  • Broadcast
  • Project Management
  • Media Production
  • Campaign Production
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Network Analysis
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Human Subjects Data Collection
  • Grant writing

Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Eise at for partnerships to tackle hard problems on climate change and food security, to build innovative and unexpected communication and outreach solutions, for speaking or for media inquiries. 

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