If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it. -Albert Einstein

About Jessica Eise 

(the communications researcher)

Jessica is a Ross Fellow in Purdue University’s Brian Lamb School of Communication where she specializes in media, technology and society. She has additional expertise in agricultural communication. Formerly, Jessica was the Director of Communications for Purdue’s Department of Agricultural Economics (2014 – 2017), and has also worked in new media in Washington, DC, as well as media production abroad. Jessica actively writes and speaks on communication for academic, general public and specialized audiences. Jessica has her master’s degree from New York University in International Relations and Journalism. See her full CV here. To inquire about speaking engagements, please use this contact form.

(the nonfiction writer)

Jessica focuses her nonfiction writing on timely, complex issues. She recently released Against the Odds: A Path Forward for Rural America, a narrative about the environmental tensions surrounding the collapse of many of our rural resource communities. She is also author of The Communication Scarcity in Agriculture (Routledge), which came out in late 2016. In early 2018, her newest book, Feast or Famine: The Top Challenges We Face to Feed Our World (Island Press), will be released. To get notified about new books, join her mailing list.

(the fiction writer)

Jessica indulges her total, absolute and wholehearted love of creativity and expression through her fiction writing (which is, she firmly believes, just as important as any of the other things listed above). She enjoys exploring genres, and has lately veered into fantasy and science fiction. She is live blogging a fantasy novel called Wisp, an outlandish, humorous tale about a young woman who is unexpectedly thrust dead center in a war of good versus evil. Her first science fiction novel, Renee, about a woman pulled through time a millennia into the future, will be released in the fall of 2017. She is also author of Black River Redemption, a tale of adventure in the jungles of Guyana (based heavily on her time living there).




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