Jessica gives a variety of talks to national and international audiences on her research and writing. Below is a select list of previous invited addresses and panel discussions.

Please contact Jessica here if you would like her to speak at your event or for your organization.

Select Past Invited Talks

September 27, 2022: Climate Change and the Future of Conflict with New York University, New York, NY

August 5, 2020: 100,000 Strong in the Americas with the US Embassy in Bogotá, Colombia

October 7, 2019: First Forum of Coffee and Cacao in Pereira, Colombia

October 4, 2019: AVEC General Assembly 2019 Food in the Future in Budapest, Hungary

September 4, 2019: Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology Plants & People Conference in Potsdam, Germany

July 9, 2019: Contemporary and Emerging Issues Symposium: Public Policy at the American Society of Animal Science Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas

March 5, 2019: IESE Doing Good Doing Well Business Conference in Barcelona, Spain

April, 2018: Bayer Listening Session at George Washington University in Washington, DC

January, 2018: First Farmers Bank & Trust Ag Summit in West Lafayette, IN

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