Continent 7 is out now!

As many of you know, I moonlight as a sci-fi writer. My book Continent 7 just dropped on Amazon and Renee’s adventures continue.

Fleeing government persecution, Renee and her band of scientists escape to the last free place on earth – Continent 7. Yet when unknown forces attack, the team must ally with Continent 7’s mysterious defense militia, known only as the Legion. Targeted by the enemy, Renee runs to the jungle with an allied Legionnaire and a mind-reader. The three form an unlikely but scrappy gang of outcasts who will do anything to keep each other safe. Meanwhile, back at the capital, the rest of the team fights desperately to uncover the conspiracy against them. As the truth unravels and an unlikely enemy revealed, they learn that far more is at stake than their lives – and they must decide how far they are willing to go to save not only each other, but society itself.

Check it out on Amazon or Kindle.

Front Cover

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