Food Security’s Red Herrings: GMOs and Organic

Below is an excerpt from an op-ed I wrote published on Thomson Reuters News Foundation. Read the full article here.

“With a mix of interest and occasional horror, I have observed our cultural conversations around food evolve over the past several years. I have watched as GMOs consumed the minds of millions, panicking us into believing we are poisoning ourselves with “frankenfoods,” despite GMOs being safe to eat. All the while, savvy marketers use “non-GMO” labels to sell products at a premium, even when none of their included ingredients exist anywhere in a state of genetic modification. I watched organic become all the rage, with health ‘experts’ proclaiming anything else a sin against your body and those of your children, despite organic being a more expensive option than most people in the world can afford, and conventionally grown food offering the same health benefits… [READ MORE]”

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