How to share complex research

If all the knowledge in the world were represented by a giant cake, then we might say a researcher specializes in one teeny tiny crumb of that cake. It's hard to communicate why a tiny crumb matters. Generally speaking, researchers make two mistakes. First, they immediately go into the technical details of their crumb and it confuses everyone and makes them bored. Or second, they claim that without their crumb, the whole goldarned cake wouldn't exist and their crumb is single-handedly responsible for the magnificence of this baked good. Neither of these approaches is a good strategy.

Be Media Savvy: How to Check Your News Sources

We all want to be smart about our news. The catch is that no one is teaching you how to do that. Avoiding fake news (news that IS NOT true and exists solely to trick you into believing something that is wrong), clickbait (media that is outrageous just so you'll click on it and they'll get add revenues) and understanding biased sources is incredibly important. I made this video to show you how to become media savvy and check your news sources when scrolling through social media or looking something up online.

World hunger has risen for three straight years, and climate change is a cause

World hunger has risen for a third consecutive year, according to the United Nations’ annual food security report. The total number of people who face chronic food deprivation has increased by 15 million since 2016. Some 821 million people now face food insecurity, raising numbers to the same level as almost a decade ago.