How an aid gusher helped and hurt Liberia

Two violent civil wars in Liberia killed a quarter million people between 1989 and 2003 and destroyed the West African country’s economy. A massive influx of foreign aid followed that turmoil, ushering in a period of relative peace and stability. According to the World Bank’s database, total aid fell from an all-time high in 2010 of US$359 per capita to about $130 in 2013. Having lost so much foreign support, Liberia’s economy is struggling.

A letter from your future grandchild about your car

  October 4, 2086 Dear Grandma and Grandpa, Sorry I haven't written in ages. I tried to call you guys like six times on 3-D but you always have it turned off. In my history class we're studying the turn of the millennium. Our final assignment is an analysis of human-driven cars. I'd like to incorporate [...]

So we’re a polarized nation. Now what?

Half of Democrats say they are 'afraid' of the Republican Party, and half of Republicans express the same feelings towards the Democratic Party. Majorities on both sides hold not just unfavorable, but very unfavorable views of the other party (Pew Research Center). Society is polarized, divided and in opposition. This isn't news. And like any [...]