Be Media Savvy: How to Check Your News Sources

We all want to be smart about our news. The catch is that no one is teaching you how to do that. Avoiding fake news (news that IS NOT true and exists solely to trick you into believing something that is wrong), clickbait (media that is outrageous just so you’ll click on it and they’ll get add revenues) and understanding biased sources is incredibly important. I made this video to show you how to become media savvy and check your news sources when scrolling through social media or looking something up online.

Remember, there are two key questions you always need to answer:

  1. What is the source?
  2. Why do they exist?

You should check these out before you actually get into the content. There’s no point in getting worried, angry, sad or confused about something until you actually know if it’s credible or not. Also, it’s okay to read biased news sources. Just know what the bias is before you read it, so you can keep that balance in your mind.

Please share this video. It’s important to learn how we’re being manipulated online and how we can gain neutral information.

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