Free Climate Risk Tool / Herramienta Gratuita de Riesgo Climático

For the past year and a half, my Clima y Café team and I worked with the World Resources Institute to develop a free online tool to help us understand and visualize climate change impacts around the world. The following tutorials in English and Spanish demonstrate how to use it, with a brief description of the tool. I think there are two particularly unique aspects to this, which are (1) the ability to layer maps on top of each other to see how different risks interrelate and (2) information on the impacts of climate change on the various stages of the agricultural supply chain. Also, the tool is available in English, Spanish, Tamil and Telugu. You can change the language in the upper left corner.

In this how-to video I review the free beta climate risk tool AgriAdapt. The tool helps policymakers, businesses & other stakeholders assess current & future risk and impacts climate change will have on agriculture. This tool is being designed and developed by World Resources Institute, funded by the Walmart Foundation.

En este tutorial yo reviso la herramienta beta gratuita de riesgo climático AgriAdapt. La herramienta ayuda a los formuladores de políticas, las empresas y otras partes interesadas a evaluar los riesgos actuales y futuros y los impactos que el cambio climático tendrá en la agricultura. Esta herramienta está siendo diseñada y desarrollada por World Resources Institute, financiada por la Fundación Walmart.

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