Vulnerable: Climate Change, Identity, and Human life [mini-documentary]

How does climate change influence our identities and human life? In this 15-minute mini-documentary, six young people around the world share their personal stories and drive to make sure others don’t experience the same. From studying by the light of an open lamp in Nigeria to months without power in Puerto Rico to the fear of a child’s stolen future, these personal stories drive home the impact of the climate crisis on our lives – and draw on our interconnection to inspire hope for change.

I had the privilege of leading this experiential learning project with five fellows during the Summer Institute for Sustainability and Climate Change. We made this documentary with virtually no budget – filmed on computers and phones, using b-roll gathered by the fellows. Our goal was to show that the power of connection is greater than any destructive force – and that we can choose to be vulnerable now, so vulnerability isn’t forced on us later. The fellows learned and practiced various communication skills, from constructing narratives to the basics of multimedia production.

One thought on “Vulnerable: Climate Change, Identity, and Human life [mini-documentary]

  1. Jessica, This is so valuable! I am recommending it to our upcoming Ag Reading Groups. My compilation, published this year centers on policy and governance as well as that the farmer comes first in any safe, developing economy. Food, Farmer and Community: Agriculture and the Reconstruction of the World is from the Baha’i guidance and takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of society building and resilience – a few quotations on climate change as well. Winnie


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