Vulnerable: Climate Change, Identity, and Human life [mini-documentary]

How does climate change influence our identities and human life? In this 15-minute mini-documentary, six young people around the world share their personal stories and drive to make sure others don't experience the same. From studying by the light of an open lamp in Nigeria to months without power in Puerto Rico to the fear of a child's stolen future, these personal stories drive home the impact of the climate crisis on our lives - and draw on our interconnection to inspire hope for change.

Climate Change Communication Research: A Systematic Review

My research team and I conducted a systematic review of climate change communication research over the past 25 years. This post shares our findings and access to the full white paper and conference paper. Our primary findings show that we need immediate, practical research into adaptation and mitigation within local communities. Additionally, we need to make sure we are researching equitably; that all areas of the world are receiving attention.

The Communication Scarcity in Agriculture

Purchase on Amazon | Purchase on Kindle Recent years have shown an extraordinary shift in our country. For most of history, people were content with their food as far as it was abundant, affordable and safe. Today? Not so. The general public craves information on food and agriculture with an unprecedented passion. But the agricultural sector, [...]

Science communication vs. communication

What is communication? It kind of schmoozes into marketing and public relations. It creeps around the fringe of management. It haunts sales. It can be private, public, inward, outward. It's a science, but wait it's an art. Communication is everywhere and often nowhere. It's well-defined and ill-defined. It's ignored when all is good yet mourned and [...]