The Communication Scarcity in Agriculture

Purchase on Amazon | Purchase on Kindle Recent years have shown an extraordinary shift in our country. For most of history, people were content with their food as far as it was abundant, affordable and safe. Today? Not so. The general public craves information on food and agriculture with an unprecedented passion. But the agricultural sector, [...]

All hands on deck: the fight against climate change

Ten years ago, a Colombian biologist was startled to hear a knock on his office door. He opened it to find a beautiful, unknown woman staring at him. With great determination, Johanna Drews explained that she needed help with the reforestation of the land she had inherited from her wealthy grandparents. The way I found this woman’s [...]

Science communication vs. communication

What is communication? It kind of schmoozes into marketing and public relations. It creeps around the fringe of management. It haunts sales. It can be private, public, inward, outward. It's a science, but wait it's an art. Communication is everywhere and often nowhere. It's well-defined and ill-defined. It's ignored when all is good yet mourned and [...]